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You Asked For It message series begins June 5th

You Asked For It message series begins June 5th


At the end of last year we did a survey where we asked you what topics you would like for us to teach on during our Sunday morning worship times. The results of that survey contained seven pages of ideas. I have used those survey results as a resource in my message planning throughout the year.

This summer all of the topics that we are going to teach on will come from the survey. Here are the first three: Divine guidance; Does God care if I’m happy? And, Faith when I don’t feel it. Since all of the topics in our summer series will have come from our BSCC family, we’re calling it You Asked For It (the 2016 edition).

This summer when you’re out of town over a Sunday be sure to check out the BSCC Mobile App or the church’s website (www.bscc.org) to hear the message. Who knows, the topic may have come from your survey.

Pastor Dave