Worship Center Renovation

Worship Center Renovation

Dear BSCC Family,

I am excited to share some wonderful news with you. I need to begin with some background. In 2002, when we built our first building our Worship Center functioned as a multi-purpose room. This decision resulted in there being limitations to the quality of the room as a worship environment. Also, most of our audio visual equipment in the room, including the speakers, are 17 years old. Our people have done a great job, but there’s only so much you can do before a new system is a must.

After much prayer, research, and discussion by our leaders, the Overseers have determined that it is time to do a renovation of the Worship Center. Included in this letter are two pictures that give you a sense of what the overall look of the room will be. The first picture gives you a bird’s eye view of the newly renovated room. The lower stage will be permanent and will recess into the current upper stage, allowing for more seating up front. The walls along the front of the stage will be opened up, enabling the side screens to be moved in closer, drawing everyone’s focus toward the stage. There will be an LED wall in the center of the stage that will project words onto the wall along with other kinds of visuals to enhance our worship services.

The second picture enables you to be able to see how the baptistry will be relocated onto the stage, enabling everyone to be see baptisms without having to look at a screen. The renovation will include new house lighting and new stage lighting. The new sound system, along with new acoustical panels throughout the room, will bring a rich, beautiful sound to the worship.

Please prepare yourself now for a time of extended clapping and rejoicing. God has already provided for the entire cost of the renovation through donations we have received and money we have in reserves. Wow, isn’t our God an amazing provider!

The renovation will begin in early January. Toward the end of February we will need to move our worship services to the Student Worship Center for about a month so that the audio/visual and lighting systems can be replaced. During these weeks we will need some of you from the 9:30 and 11:00am services to attend the 8:00am service or the Thursday night service in order to even out the numbers so there is enough room in the Student Worship Center. The goal is to have the renovation completed two weeks prior to Easter, which is April 12.

I am thrilled that as a result of this renovation, our Worship Center will be able to provide a great environment for praising God and experiencing His transforming love for years and years to come. Please join me in thanking God for guiding and providing for BSCC in this amazing way!

Together in Christ,

Dave Ferneau, Lead Pastor

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