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Viral (A student sermon series) pt. 2

Viral (A student sermon series) pt. 2

Parents! We hope that your student(s) are enjoying this sermon series. We just finished up part 2 of 3 in this series.

In part 2 we talked about how we need to be active in serving! That it needs to be viral, it needs to spread in all areas of our life but most importantly that we need to be active in seeing where needs need to be met.


Below are some questions you can ask your student(s) about part 2 of Viral:

  • What comes to mind when you hear the word compassion?
  • What keeps most people from showing compassion?
  • What’s the difference between seeing people and truly paying attention to them?
  • As a Christian, how does showing compassion point people towards Jesus?
  • What are some things people around you may be going through that would lead them to act out in negative ways?
  • How would a person show to compassion to someone who’s being insulted and made fun of by their peers?
  • Think of someone who has needs that they can’t meet. Without saying their name, what’s one simple way you can help?