This Week in Kidventure

This Week in Kidventure


This week in Elementary and Preteen Worship we started a new month and a new Life App. For the month of May we are going to learning about Contentment – Deciding to be Happy with what you’ve got. We looked at the Apostle Paul and how he had learned the secret to being content, no matter what. Whether he was in prison or free, whether he was hungry or well fed, Paul learned he could be content when he focused on God rather than his circumstances. We learned that when we focused on God instead of our¬†circumstances, then we could be content instead of discontent. So our Bottom Line for the week is “When you Focus on God, He can help you be content.”


You can continue the learning this week by downloading this week’s God Time Card,¬†GodTime Card for May 1, and helping your child work through the devotions. You can also spend some time with your child discussing the following questions: What do you think really matters in life? What choices can you make that show what you value most?

And you can help your child learn this month’s memory verse, Philippians 4:12b.