This week in Kids’ Worship

This week in Kids’ Worship


When you are young, the dark can make the most familiar room a scary place. Sounds and imagination combine to create fear. But a small night light can chase both the darkness and the fear away,  giving the most fearful heart hope.

For the month of March, both Elementary Worship and Preteen Worship are learning about HOPE – believing something good can come out of something bad. Bad things are going to happen. The Bible tells us that. But the Bible also tells us that we can have hope because Jesus is greater than the bad things that happen. Each week we are going to look at something Jesus did or said that can give us hope and then we are going to learn how to apply that to our lives.

Yesterday we learned about when Jesus brought dead, smelly Lazarus back to life (John 11:1-45). We learned that Jesus conquered death and that God has a great history of doing amazingly powerful things. So our bottom line for this week is, “Whatever happens, remember how powerful God is.” Help your child to continue to learn this truth and apply it to their life by downloading this week’s GodTime card and sharing its four devotions with your child throughout the week:¬†GodTime Card for Mar 6

One way to have hope in our lives is to remember encouraging Bible verses. All month long we are going to be working on learning John 16:33b. You can help your child learn this verse on hope by writing or printing it out and posting it somewhere your family will see it each morning. Recite the verse together and celebrate that God gives us hope in troubled times.