This Week in Kids’ Worship

This Week in Kids’ Worship


This week we continued to learn about Contentment – deciding to be happy with what God has given us, and our focus was on Focus. We learned about Jesus’ parable of the Rich Fool who thought that because his fields had produced more grain than he could use in a lifetime that he should build bigger barns to hoard all he had and live a life of leisure. But Jesus taught that we are to be generous with what God gives us. The bottom line for our lesson was “When you focus on stuff, you can miss what matters.” This is a problem that all of us, kids and adults, deal with. We talked about how we can miss our friends and our families and their needs and hurts when we are busy focusing on things instead of people. And we all decided that we wanted to be more like Jesus and less like the Rich Fool.



You can keep the learning going this week by downloading this weeks God Time Card and helping your child do the activities. You can download it here: God Time Card for May 22

You can also help your child learn this month’s memory verse – Philippians 4:12b.