This week in Kids’ Worship

This week in Kids’ Worship


This past Sunday in Elementary and Preteen Worship, we started to learn about a new life app – Perseverance. We learned that perseverance is refusing to give up when life gets hard. We remembered last month’s memory verse (John 16:33B) and that it had two promises – the one we all remember, that Jesus has overcome the world, and the one we would rather not remember, that in this world we will have trouble. We don’t like trouble. We don’t like it when things get hard. But if we are going to accomplish what God wants us to do, if we are going to do any good in life, we are going to have to learn to work through the trouble and not give up. So that is what we are learning this month in Elementary and Preteen Worship.

We learned from the book of Acts that Jesus asked his followers to tell the whole world about the good news of what he had done for them by dying on the cross and rising from the dead. That’s a job that is too big for us, but not for God. We learned how God sent his Holy Spirit to Jesus’ disciples and how God empowered his followers to tell everyone about his love. We learned the bottom line for this week, “When life gets hard, remember God is with you.”


Life gets hard for everyone of us every week. We have chores to do and homework to do. Sometimes those things are harder than others. Some times bad things happen and friends move away or stop acting like they are our friends. That is why we need to remember that when life gets hard, God is with us. You can also help your child remember this lesson by downloading this week’s God Time Card (GodTime Card for Apr 3) and helping your child with the four short devotions. You can also share how remembering that God is with you helps you through your hard times. And you can help your child learn this month’s memory verse, Isaiah 40:31.