This Week in Kid’s Worship

This Week in Kid’s Worship


This week in Elementary and Preteen Worship we continued to learn about Hope – believing that something good can come out of something bad. We learned that if we follow Jesus, then we have a lot to be hopeful about. We looked at some of the promises that Jesus made to his followers and we looked closely at the promise that we are using as our memory verse this month – John 16:33b.


This week take the time to ask your children if they had ever had something bad happen in their life. Brainstorm how God might use it to do something good. Then share about a time in your life when God used something hard as an agent of change in your life. Help your child remember the bottom line from yesterday’s lesson – Whatever happens, remember what Jesus promised. Also, help them through the devotions in this week’s GodTime Card. You can download it here: GodTime Card for Mar 13