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'Discipleship' Tagged Posts

'Discipleship' Tagged Posts

A Couple of Compassion Ideas

Hopefully compassion is on our hearts and minds right now after taking the previous three Sundays during our worship to learn how compassion is central to God’s character and to the mission Christ has given to us. The Holy Spirit is working in lots of wonderful ways through all of the acts of compassion that are occurring during our 12 On The Move projects. We will be celebrating all of this good news the first two Sundays of May. In…

One thing I learned from being a disciple of Jesus

We have started a new sermon series called “Portrait of a Disciple”. Our Outreach Minster, Steve Wieduwilt, has kicked off the series this past Sunday. If you didn’t get a chance to listen to it, you can listen/watch it here. As a church, we are looking at how to be a true disciple of Jesus. We are very excited about how God is going to be moving us and growing us through this series. A loss of best friends When I was in…