Snap That Week 3 (Student ministry sermon series)

Snap That Week 3 (Student ministry sermon series)

We have come to the end of the series called “Snap That”. This is a series that we really enjoyed, not only the people who got to speak but also for the students that got the chance to hear it and get challenged by it.


The last week focused on the fact that our sin changes our relationship with God. Lori, our one of the pastors on staff, spoke about how God is always the same. He has never changed but we have. Ever since sin entered the world we have changed yet God has remained the same.

Here are some questions that you can ask your students this week about this past weeks sermon:


  1. What is the biggest disagreement you have ever had with us (your parents)? (story time!) Did that fight change your relationship with them?
  2. Have you ever had a friend change (think: they started doing something different…they started liking different kinds of music or movies, or maybe they started partying) and then get mad at you for NOT changing with them?
  3. Why do we want others to change with us?
  4. read Genesis 3:8-10
  5. Have you ever tried to hide from God? Why? (PARENT NOTE: it might help if you share a personal story first here)
  6. Read Romans 5:12-14
  7. What is it about sin that causes so much destruction?
  8. Read Romans 5:15-21
  9. What does it mean when we say “Jesus changes everything?”
  10. If you are a Christian, how has Jesus changed your life?


We hope that this causes some good conversations between you and your students!


Next week we start a sermon series called “Plot Twist”. We hope that your student will be here to be a part of it!