Snap That (student ministry sermon Series)

Snap That (student ministry sermon Series)

Yesterday our student ministry started a sermon series called “Snap That”.

“Snap That” is a three week look at The Garden of Eden, and how sin changes our relationships.  “Snap That” is an intentional play on words and reference to the popular messaging app “snapchat.”  Snapchat has been in the news quite a bit as the source of all kinds of inappropriate conversations and relationships. Part of the allure of the app is that you can send a picture or message to someone, and it disappears after a few seconds.  That is our spin on it, that there are somethings that we wish could go away just like pictures we may send over snapchat. Below are what the 3 weeks will be about.

Week 1-Sin changes our relationship with ourselves. Genesis 3:1-7, Romans 7:19-24

Week 2-Sin changes our relationship with others. Genesis 3:12-13, 16

Week 3-Sin changes our relationship with God, but Jesus change everything.  Genesis 3:8-11, 15, 20-24, Romans 5:15-21


We encourage our parents to get the questions here and ask your students these questions over the week. It helps us partner with one another. Not to mention it allows you to know what we are preaching on Sunday for our student service.