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Serve in our State

Serve in our State

Due to COVID-19, some of the information and/or ministries below are not accurate. Please refer to https://www.bscc.org/on-campus-services/ for our most up to date information.

BSCC has been partnering with Show-Me Christian Youth Home for over 30 years. Going beyond the limits of traditional foster care, children living at Show-Me Christian Youth Home receive therapeutic benefits from specialized programs in a Christ-centered, family environment. 

Along with providing financial support to Show-Me, BSCC serves in the following ways throughout the year:
– providing volunteers for mailings and other administrative tasks,
– spending a week each summer at Show-Me helping with projects from administrative to construction,
– spending time with their children,
– sponsoring children each Christmas, and
– hosting a Christmas Party for Show-Me and BSCC families.

If you would like to volunteer with Show-Me, please contact Tom.