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Serve in our Community

Serve in our Community

Due to COVID-19, some of the information and/or ministries below are not accurate. Please refer to https://www.bscc.org/on-campus-services/ for our most up to date information.

We love serving our community in a variety of ways. Please join us in serving in one of the following ways or start serving somewhere new and invite others to join you!

Cordill-Mason Elementary Serve Team serves at our local elementary school providing classroom readers, mentors, event volunteers, and teacher support. To find out more about this team, please contact Tom.

On The Move BSCC is On The Move in our community throughout the year with weekend church-wide projects, small group projects, and monthly serve projects. A few local organizations we’ve partnered with through On The Move are: Sleep In Heavenly Peace, Community Services League, City Union Mission, Hope House, Rachel House Pregnancy Resource Center and many more. If you have a serve project or want to participate, please contact Tom.