Church At Home (Page 2)

Church At Home (Page 2)

Student Ministry – May 3

Questions for Students after watching Dave’s message: Did you grow up believing that “everything happens for a reason?” Has there been a time in your life when someone said to you “everything happens for a reason?” Share a story, if applicable. What impact did that have on your view of God? Have you ever struggled with blaming God for something bad that happened in your life? What did Dave say the word “determinism” means? Why is this a dangerous view…

Children’s Ministry May 3

Our lessons on Sundays are videos that have been produced by Orange, the company that produces our curriculum and they’ve provided us with the opportunity to share these resources online for the length of the pandemic. There are 3-4 activities and discussion questions that go along with the videos that you can do with your children. Preschool: Small Group PDF Printout PDF Preschool Video Elementary: K-1 Small Group PDF K-1 Printout PDF 2-3 Small Group PDF 2-3 Printout Elementary Video…

God Always for the Good

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Be Prepared

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