One thing I learned from being a disciple of Jesus

One thing I learned from being a disciple of Jesus

We have started a new sermon series called “Portrait of a Disciple”. Our Outreach Minster, Steve Wieduwilt, has kicked off the series this past Sunday. If you didn’t get a chance to listen to it, you can listen/watch it here. As a church, we are looking at how to be a true disciple of Jesus. We are very excited about how God is going to be moving us and growing us through this series.

A loss of best friends

When I was in Texas, the promise land :), I had three very good friends. They were actually my best friends. We hung out anytime that we could, every weekend, and almost every night. Our friendships started in High School, it was my freshmen year and I just recently moved and just like anyone who moves your first thought is “how am I going to make any friends?” That was me. I wasn’t looking forward to going to school at all, but what teenager does right?

Anyways to make a long story short. During my freshmen year I made 3 best friends and ever since that year through out all of high school and college we kept that friendship going. But now we don’t really keep in touch, our lives are totally different and in different stages of life. Those guys I once called best friends for about 8 years now just seem as acquaintances. I don’t really know that much about their life anymore. Once I did but now I couldn’t tell you what they are doing for a living.

Making an effort

I was the first of the 4 in the group to move away for college. My 3 friends stayed in Houston to pursue a degree there, while I was in another state. I wasn’t looking forward to it because I felt like freshmen year of high school all over again. I didn’t want to lose my friendships with them so I made an effort to keep in touch even though I was far away. I kept in touch through social media and every time I went back home for the holidays I made sure I hung out with them. I believe that because I kept pursuing a relationship with them that we were able to stay friends for that long. Somewhere in there life just busy and I lost that effort to keep in touch with them.

The same can be said about our relationship with Jesus. Steve talked about this Sunday, he said that if we want to have a relationship with him, we must pursue him. Steve quoted John 12:26 “Anyone who wants to be my disciple must follow me…” Thats what we must do if we want to be a disciple, to have a relationship with Him. We must make an effort to make sure we do whatever we can to keep in touch with him.

The challenge

That is what I learned about following Jesus. I must make an effort, I just can’t coast. One of teachers in college said “Either you are growing in a relationship with Jesus or you are just coasting. The thing about coasting is that you can only coast downhill.” So, are you making an effort to pursue Jesus? or you just coasting?


Here’s what you can do to make an effort:

  • Join a small group (this will take you on a journey with others to know Jesus better)
  • Read your bible daily (there is an app called the bible app that gives you devotions)
  • Pray daily (Don’t know how to pray? Talk to God like you would a friend. Theres no formula just whats in your heart)
  • Discpline of solitude (sometimes you just need to get away and unplug (turn off your phone for a day) yourself from culture in order to hear God.)

There are some other ways but hopefully this will get you started! We, as the church, want to help you build that relationship with Jesus. That is why we are here and that is our mission, to guide people into a fully devoted relationship with Jesus-together!