The mission of the BSCC Marriage Ministry is to guide husbands and wives to develop Christ-centered, loving marriages that glorify God. BSCC believes that marriage was designed by God and intended to unite a man and a woman for life. All sexual intimacy outside of this marriage relationship, whether heterosexual or homosexual, is not a part of God’s will.

BSCC’s Marriage Team provides the following:

Pre-Marital Education
            BSCC uses the SYMBIS material for Pre-Marital Education. SYMBIS helps couples understand one another better by seeing big-picture tendencies, personality traits, and growth options.  SYMBIS, which can be combined with any or all of the options below must be facilitated by a SYMBIS-trained BSCC facilitator.

Marriage studies
            While there are many strong marriage studies available, the Marriage Ministry Team recommends the following and is available to work with existing Small Groups who would like to work through the materials:
CPREP is a 9-week relationship & marriage education course built on Biblical teaching with time-tested strategies providing practical tools to guide couples in a positive, God-honoring direction. CPREP is led by trained facilitators.
A Lasting Promise is full of practical, Biblical ideas for couples at any stage in marriage. A Lasting Promise groups give couples a multi-week opportunity to engage with other couples in an encouraging environment. While not necessary, BSCC can provide experienced leaders for couples Small Groups. If your small group would like information about these experienced leaders, please contact us at the email address below.

Marriage Assessments
ePREP – is a self-directed, online relationship growth tool. ePREP can be a no-wait starting point for couples to immediately begin to improve their relationship.
SYMBIS – Please contact us at the email address below to receive the code to begin this assessment and schedule the required facilitator-led review.

            If your marriage is going through a difficult time, please contact us. We have many resources available for you including marriage mentoring and/or referrals for Christian marriage counseling. Please contact us at the email below or call 816-229-7311 Ext. 221.

Marriage Weekends
             BSCC plans a marriage-focused weekend each fall. These weekends focus on God’s intent for marriage and how to grow lasting relationships.

Please check the BSCC Small Group page for Marriage-related Small Groups and the BSCC Events Page for upcoming Marriage activities. You may also email with requests for additional resources, questions, and/or to find out how you can connect with these activities or the team.