Easter in Kids’ Worship

Easter in Kids’ Worship


This week we celebrated Easter and wrapped up our study of Hope by learning about Jesus’ resurrection.

Last Sunday things looked pretty dark. Jesus had died on the cross and was buried in a sealed tomb. We had to remember that whatever happens, God is still at work.

This week we celebrated the resurrection! We learned how Mary Magdalene discovered the empty tomb and how she told the disciples. And after they saw the risen Jesus, they spread the word so much that we are still celebrating and sharing the good news of Jesus’ resurrection today! We learned that whatever happens, remember that God loves you.


This week help your child to keep on learning about how much God loves them by reading the Resurrection story (John 20:1-31) together. Download this week’s God Time card and do the devotional activities together – GodTime Card for Mar 27. Pray for each other that you can live your lives each day with hope knowing that God is stronger than anything that is happening. And keep practicing this month’s memory verse, John 16:33b (just below).