Adopt A Family

Adopt A Family

BSCC is excited to support our community again this year with our annual Adopt-A-Family program.

Proof of residence in one of the following zip codes will need to be provided at time of application. Utility bills dated within the last 30 days and/or a copy of a drivers license with applicant’s name and address are acceptable forms of proof of residency. Zip codes: 64014, 64015, 64029, 64064, 64057, 64086, 64056, 64055, 64075, 64063, 64065, 64035.

Please email proof of residency to Sherena Brindley at once you’ve completed the registration form below. IF THIS IS NOT RECEIVED WITHIN 24 HOURS OF SUBMISSION, YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE REMOVED.

BSCC strives to provide one practical gift and, if possible, one fun gift for children newborn to 15 years of age and individuals 16 years of age and older with one practical gift.

A practical gift can be:
1) an outfit consisting of a shirt and pants,  2) shoes and socks, 3) coat, 4) bedding, 5) household item such as pots and pans, etc. Please be specific with type of item and size of each item. 

Each gift will have a $40 limit. 
Gifts must be able to be found in stores (no ‘as seen  as tv’ or ‘online only’ gift items).
No CD’s or video games.              
All DVDs must be rated G or PG.

Please complete this form to be considered for the program:

Submissions need to be received by November 7 to be considered. 

If you would like to serve this ministry, or have any questions, please contact Sherena Brindley.