A Couple of Compassion Ideas

A Couple of Compassion Ideas

Hopefully compassion is on our hearts and minds right now after taking the previous three Sundays during our worship to learn how compassion is central to God’s character and to the mission Christ has given to us. The Holy Spirit is working in lots of wonderful ways through all of the acts of compassion that are occurring during our 12 On The Move projects. We will be celebrating all of this good news the first two Sundays of May.

In addition to the numerous ideas that were shared during the compassion series, I have two ideas that I would like for you to consider. First, consider throwing a block party this spring. Block parties are fun, simple opportunities to get to know the people living around you a little better. They are environments where relationships are able to either begin or to take next steps in their growth. My guess is that if you help with hosting a block party, you will discover someone on your block that is in desperate need of some compassion. This is how we take what we learn from God’s Word and apply it to our lives, so I am praying that many of us will be led to throw a block party this Spring.

Second, if we can serve someone that is dealing with relational conflict, that is certainly a compassionate thing to do. In our worship the next two Sundays we will be in a series called Reconcile. I encourage you to invite anyone you know that is struggling with conflict either at work, in the home, or maybe with a neighbor. I am praying and believing that God is going to use these two Sundays to do a powerful work of relational healing and restoration. So please take some time to think about who you can show compassion to by inviting them to this series.

Thanks Church!

Pastor Dave