Hello BSCC!

Our church is striving to keep you connected everywhere you go! One of the ways that we are trying to accomplish this is by having a blog that will be able to connect people to our ministries throughout the week via the inter web. We will be posting weekly so keep checking us out for future posts!


This past Sunday our student ministry hosted a parent meeting. This meeting was all about partnering with parents to guide students to have a relationship with Jesus. We had great conversations on how we can come together as partners to accomplish this. If you missed out do not worry! We have your back.

Here is what we talked about: Parent Ministry handout

Part of our discussion was about future topics to help parents discuss whats going on in todays culture and in your teens world. We had some great ideas that were given to us. If you have a topic that you want us to cover and have a discussion about in a future parent round table discussion please email one of our student ministers.

Speaking of future topics, the topic of social media is a hot one and last year we did have a parent meeting about this topic and a lot of parents asked about the handout that explains different social media apps. We have it if you want it! Just click this link App info.

Our partnership with parents in our children’s ministry and student ministry are very important to us. We want to continue to keep you connected on what we teach and questions we ask our students about the teaching. We encourage you to have conversations throughout the week with your students about what they are being taught. To help you with that, we have those questions for you! If you have a student in children’s ministry here are this weeks questions. If you have students in middle school or high school here this weeks questions.


Looking forward to keeping a great partnership in all of our ministries!



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