Christmas Science

Yesterday at Kid’s Klub we learned about Christmas Science. Not reindeer aerodynamics but some things that we could learn about the accounts of Jesus’ birth that we find in the Gospels of Luke and Matthew.

We learned about shepherds and why the angel told them about the birth of Jesus instead of more powerful or more religous people. We learned who the wise men were, what they did, and why they would leave their home and travel so far to visit a baby. And we learned about the Star of Bethlehem, what it was and why it shows us how incredibly amazing our God is.

I told the kids that I would share a couple of websites with you today so they could learn more and share with you what they learned. I showed the kids an interactive slide show created by the Griffith Observatory that showed what the Star of Bethlehem was not and what it was. You can see that slide show here: The links on the actual slide show don’t work, but the links on the web page do work and have a lot more information.

The Star of Bethlehem website ( is another website that has great information about the Star of Bethlehem and what we can learn about it from Astronomy and History.

I hope that you will take a look at both websites. It amazes me and inspires me to look at God’s creation through the lens of science and see God’s design and planning in clear evidence. To think that God put stars and planets in motion at creation that would work together at the right time in history to announce the birth of Jesus is awe-inspiring. And this just tells me once again that God’s Good News was planned and put in motion from the very beginning.

I hope that you have a most blessed Christmas season!

Mr. David